Nadis arctic tones Product arctic tones

Arctic Tones is born from the minimalist style, incorporating a palette of trendy colours to the classicism and monochrome white of Nadis’ Arctic collection.

Forma 5 BCN showroom Spaces BCN showroom

The space immerse you into a wide and warm living space in which all the elements and materials are all related to each other.
Visitors will find themselves guided by elegant spatial, material and stylistic sensations.

space: 3000 m².

Miyazaki golondrina ottoman Product golondrina ottoman

Following the golondrina armchair, the golondrina ottoman. This piece can be completed by a side table for an even greater experience of comfort.

Decco decco fruit attraction booth Spaces decco fruit attraction booth

Following our design line started 2 years ago… we are adding to the booth new materials, colors and textures from the “earth” generating a friendly sleek space to meet the friends and customers during the exhibition.

Nadis nadis showroom Spaces nadis showroom

The 2020 edition of Nadis showroom began with the idea of enjoying a really good time seeing a museum of modern art, with this concept in mind we started to design a “museum” where the space is unique and creates an impressive atmosphere, but always keeping a balance between the architecture and the Nadis collections.

Saj Ceramics Nairobi showroom Spaces Nairobi showroom

Our first project for Africa more specific in Kenya. It is a huge showroom for one´s of the oldest ceramic factories of that continent. The space is divided into three levels, filled with design taste, with an immersive experience of warm living environments and product exhibition «art-walk».

JHS studio’s dossier ’19 Art direction studio’s dossier ’19

When we work in autoprojects we like to use less conventional resources or processes. In this project we have enjoyed designing our dossier composed of several layers and textures.

Forma 5 forma 5 orgatec booth Product forma 5 orgatec booth

We have designed the space of Forma 5 in Orgatec looking for a warm and welcoming environment where nomadic and collaborative work can occur in any area of the stand. We created an exhibition and use area together with 5 areas of a current office, flexible and welcoming.

Decco decco booth Spaces decco booth

We created an open and cozy space where they could meet with friends and customers during the Fruit Attraction fair.

JHS studio’s dossier ’18 Art direction studio’s dossier ’18

When we work in autoprojects we like to use less conventional resources or processes. In this project we have enjoyed designing our dossier composed of several layers and vacuum packaging.

Porcelanosa Group lab table Product lab table

We updated the working area of ​​the L’Antic Colonial flagship store with a «lab table» that articulates the way of working with the projects and allows different options of interaction with physical samples.

Porcelanosa Group scene mosaics Product scene mosaics

We have designed a collection natural stone mosaics based on geometric forms mixed with different textures.

Miyazaki golondrina’s diary Art direction golondrina’s diary

We wanted to summarize all the experiences we pass through on this project so we made a diary. We use it to explain on the golondrina process on Tokyo furniture fair and the next Milan Salone del Mobile.

Grupo Reqüiez esencia soft seating Product esencia soft seating

We wanted to create a subtle and elegant soft seating. A system that was creative, flexible, dynamic as a whole, that had the ability to modulate and adapt to spaces through multiple accessories.

Monga ia Product ia

ia is a toilet designed for the Asian market, for one of the world’s leading manufacturers of bathroom parts. We tried to move away from conventional models, which are normally more sober and harder-edged. In this way, ia is a more expressive modern piece with flowing lines.

Singular Aroma taste collector Art direction taste collector

Sombrero Roto is a red wine variety that perfectly defines and fits with our way of working: a commitment to tradition and simplicity supported by new and innovative ideas. With the label, which we intentionally broke and tore, we tried to transmit what is behind this wine, its essence, and the sensations when it is drunk.

Flos final product communication Art direction final product communication

We use our technical knowledge of Flos’s product portfolio and its novelties to get the most out of product shots year after year. Also we work for the marketing department to meet its photographic retouching needs, along with the art direction of photographs in situ.

Singular Aroma gourmet selectors Art direction gourmet selectors

We created the branding for the Singular Aroma Company by using its philosophy as a reference: a brand of special singular products, designed for restaurants to offer original quality menus.

Flos new zealand flos showroom Spaces new zealand flos showroom

The philosophy and essence of Flos, but 20.000km away our house. An open space divided into a meeting zone, a free area and a rear part hidden behind a large wall, capable of generating expectation before being seeing the new products in the lighting catalogue.

Polcart exhibition display Product exhibition display

A simple practical design for an display cases using metal. Thought up to show our modern ceramic pieces, where the important thing is the products and not its support.

Porcelanosa Group premium samples catalogue Product premium samples catalogue

The Premium character of Woodlovers required a high quality box, with a solid oak front. Also, we designed a small notebook that accompanies the samples and serves as a guide to choose the most adequate wood for each product.

In house edition flow pot Product flow pot

Flow is a hanging pot inspired by the delicate equilibrium between balance and simplicity, logic, design and nature. It represents our way of undertaking the job: emphasizing honesty and simplicity, always searching for the beauty of simple things.

Porcelanosa Group flagship store Spaces flagship store

L’Antic Colonial is a new store concept integrated into the Porcelanosa Group’s sales areas. Divided into show, work and customer service areas, it is made up of wood and natural stone.

ICEX live work – curated exhibition Art direction live work – curated exhibition

After winning the contest to design the NeoCon stand in Chicago, rather than limiting ourselves to the space we also generated a brand style capable of communicating and explaining the concept of the exhibition as well as showing products from different companies in context.

ICEX neocon live work exhibition Spaces neocon live work exhibition

Nuestra propuesta tiene en cuenta las particularidades de la arquitectura y la forma de trabajar en España, donde la manera de poner en marcha un negocio y emprender han cambiado, así que los espacios de trabajo no pueden quedarse atrás.

Flos news ’15 · ambient pictures Art direction news ’15 · ambient pictures

We choose the best photographic material to integrate Flos’s products. We search for inspirational environments that highlight the light and adapt to what we want to show. Soft indirect emphasis lighting in elegant settings.

ADCV Commisioned diseño al plato Product diseño al plato

Vertical Food is the result of the collaboration between our studio, the chef Quique Barella and the master craftsman Arturo Mora Benavent.

Porcelanosa Group woodlovers showcase Product woodlovers showcase

We designed a welcome space for the L’Antic Colonial showroom where the user can interact with products thanks to touch screens and then experiment with them. As such it is possible to see the catalogue without needing to be attended by a salesperson.

JHS studio’s dossier ’14 Art direction studio’s dossier ’14

Our letter of presentation. We don’t want the constant search for simplicity and detail to result in empty words. That’s why our identity, the way we present our work, is the starting point to demonstrate it. We make graphics our ally and the text a way to reach everybody.

Flos news ’14 · product images Art direction news ’14 · product images

We created and edited the images for the new products Flos presented year after year, maintaining the aesthetic and formal coherence of the brand.

Goldwin & Medina G&M catalogue Art direction G&M catalogue

Redesign of catalogue and material samples collection, around a new brand, with a laborious simplification of content and structuring.

Flos collection ’13 · in place art direction Art direction collection ’13 · in place art direction

Sometimes we are lucky enough to be surrounded by grand professionals, with whom the result of our work can only be spectacular. With them we search for better angles and approaches, as well as the exact application of the light when shooting images and depicting products and spaces.

Flos valencia showroom Spaces valencia showroom

A technical space where architects, interior designers and lighting designers from around the globe can see Flos’s products, in a professional way that allows them to know the features of each light.

Flos lighting design, offices Spaces lighting design, offices

Our knowledge as lighting product designers gives us an advantage when performing these types of projects, as we understand how light works in spaces.

JHS dossier 2013 Art direction dossier 2013

Our first publication speaking about ourselves, about our way of working and the most important projects we have carried out. A humble sincere dossier in which we show just how we are, centred around a volcanic rock from the Canary Islands.

Goldwin & Medina goldwin&medina Art direction goldwin&medina

For this new brand we applied a studied selection of colours and typography to identify and differentiate this curtain accessory firm.

bussiness cards for goldwin medina by jorge herrera studio 2013
Flos LED catalogue Art direction LED catalogue

For Flos Architectural’s 2012 LED range catalogue we chose a simple technical style so the information was clear and useful. The cover represented a characteristic pixel of light.

Flos Architectural light & building booth Spaces light & building booth

We have collaborated on and designed a number of stands for Flos. We always update and respect the brand’s philosophy.

F.E.H.V. ones exhibition Spaces ones exhibition

Commissioning and design of the 2010 exhibition of the Valencian Federation of Caterers, at which brands and Valencian designers in the sector took part. A show that gathered the best in the field of design, manufacturing and distribution of Valencian caterers with proposals and original projects.

Offactor inés-table Product inés-table

Inés-table is a table with an an experimental balancing system in its legs which overcomes the eternal problem of tables that wobble on bar terraces and in restaurants. The system allows the length of the legs to be precisely individually regulated to achieve balance.