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Honest, simple, durable: my style, my work.

Jorge Herrera Studio, is an international awarded interdisciplinary design studio based in Valencia, Spain´s mediterranean coast. Focused on product design, branding and spaces. Founded in 2008 by Jorge Herrera. The studio takes a pragmatic and honest approach to developing designs that explore function, materials and production processes. The projects are unique in their combination of simplicity, timeless charm and formal rigor.


Simple precise solutions that sustain the essence and mystery of every object.


Since then, the studio worked engaging in numerous projects in close collaboration with many international companies and major brands, such Flos, Porcelanosa, Miyazaki Chair Factory, Forma 5, L´ac, Cridea, Nadis, Pattio,  Sanycces, Naturtex. The works of the studio have been distinguished with international awards.

«Honest, simple, durable: my style, my work».

Jorge Herrera summarizes his way of conceiving and developing the design.

Since the beginning of his career, Jorge always aimed to create objects and spaces that are simple and essential, top qualitative and long-lasting in terms of use, production and design. After years of global and multidisciplinary training, he opened his studio under the premise of producing through simple, detailed and passionate processes.

Jorge Herrera’s approach to design is characterized by a clear search for  alance between simplicity, functionality and beauty: the pillar of his style and the axis of his work. This has led him to participate as art director and curator of numerous international exhibitions and fairs.

«All these years have been a professional enrichment, personal and cultural growth. The exchange that occurs when interacting with different countries is always very enriching. It ends up being transmitted in my way of understanding life, which is also my way of understanding design. Everything is linked and in a clear balance».

Jorge is also a guest lecturer at the Design School of Valencia (EASD) and also has conducted workshops at the European Institute of Design (IED) in Madrid and at the Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia (CEU). And has been selected as a jury member for the iF Design Award.

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Awards & recognition

  • iF Design Award 2023, with “NORAY” designed for PATTIO.
  • Bid 2022, with “NORAY” designed for PATTIO.
  • ADCV 2022, GOLD indoor furniture, with “NORAY” designed for PATTIO.
  • Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022, with “CALMA” designed for SANYCCES.
  • Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022, with “TEMPO” designed for SANYCCES.
  • Metropolis Likes Award 2015, with the design of the exhibition “Live Work Spanish style” featured at NeoCon for ICEX.
  • Designer of the month 2015, Interiors from Spain.
  • Good Design Award 2014, with modular system “Hub” designed for Cridea.
  • IDEA International Design Excellence Awards 2013, with “Apps” designed for Flos.
  • Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013, with “Find Me” designed for Flos.
  • Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013, with “G-O IN” designed for Flos.
  • Good Design Award 2012, with luminaire “Apps” designed for Flos.
  • Red Dot Award: Product Design 2012, with luminaire “Apps” designed for Flos.