JHS Jorge Herrera Studio Calma Sanycces freestanding bathtub wood tray Mistral book detail

In the design of calm we have integrated several concepts and sensations, the first is Calm itself «is the space between one moment and another» and together with the concept ICHIGO-ICHIE, where the five senses live an unrepeatable moment, with this in mind we have designed a bathtub where the subtle beauty of simple things has something that catches us, that calms us, obtaining a soft, sensual and elegant geometry that almost reminds us of the volume of a tea bowl and that invites us to relax.

Designed for Sanycces with the idea of being a highly customisable product, incorporating in its base an independent plinth that can be painted or in wood to contrast with the bathtub, it can also be mounted on a metal structure with legs that isolates the bathtub from the floor and saves irregularities of the pavement, providing a completely different aesthetic.


Red Dot Award: Product Design 2022.

—Red dot jury statement, the Calma bathtub aestheticises the bathroom with its filigree and subtle appearance. Its symmetrical shape is designed for shared bathing experiences.


JHS Jorge Herrera Studio Calma Sanycces freestanding bathtub matt black leg

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