JHS Jorge Herrera Studio Tempo Sanycces freestanding bathtub Mistral tray duck

«Tempo a rope that catches time, unhurried, gentle. A textile detail that envelops the design».

Tempo is born from a more Mediterranean concept, more of nature, of materials, of objects that bring visual appeal and warmer textures to a world, the bathroom, which is generally cold. The external shape of the bathtub is very innovative, it folds up to integrate a rope, which surrounds it and seems to imprisons it. It offers a high degree of customization, as the entire outer body of the bathtub can be painted in a single colour or it can be painted right up to the rope (two-tone), so that the colour transition is hidden by the rope.


Red Dot Award Product Design 2022.

—The Red Dot statement, the Tempo bathtub fascinates with its inviting, friendly appearance and pleasant texture. It also allows easy customisation to suit individual preferences.


JHS Jorge Herrera Studio Tempo Sanycces freestanding sink half color body

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