Uw Collective Bargaining Agreement

Once the Financial Management Human Resources Office has completed its amendments to the Public Service Rules, the Parties agree to meet to discuss possible amendments to the 2017-2019 collective agreement and, if applicable, the provisional agreement to the 2019-2021 collective agreement. Public servants, including UW employees, gained the right to unionize in 1965, when the Wisconsin legislature passed the State Employment Labor Relations Act (SELRA). Until July 1, 2015, UW System employees and other state employees were in collective bargaining units created by the legislature and composed of UW and non-UW state employees. Under SELRA, the faculty and academic staff of the UW system were not allowed to unionize or negotiate collective agreements. Section 9. The University shall make available up to five (5) TSA designated by the Union for the purpose of negotiating a replacement contract. The membership of the Workers` Committee with non-prudential and academic supervisory and medical professionals/laboratory bargaining units consists of three (3) bargaining units and one union staff representative, as well as four (4) employer representatives, including the Assistant Vice-President, Labour Relations or the candidate. One. The university shall make available each new ESA and at the same time provide forms necessary for a new job (e.g.B. W4 and I9), Union introduction documents, including a Union accession form and a Voluntary Community Action Programme (VCAP) form. B. In exceptional situations where the ASE has completed other necessary employment forms before entering the bargaining unit, the university makes materials available to the union that can be put in place, including a union membership form and a Voluntary Community Action Program (VCAP) form, at the time of its recruitment into the bargaining unit.

C. The University will make every effort to return membership forms and VCAP forms to the Union within ten (10) calendar days of receipt, and inform the Union of all new ASEs, name, department of origin/recruitment unit, employment code, private address, postal stop, staff identification number, and start of the appointment. The university meets with the Union to develop the method of notification. All terms agreed during the coalition`s U-PASS negotiations will be applied to the 2018-2021 UAW Treaty. A Joint Union Management Committee will be set up to deal with issues that are not the subject of an active complaint. This committee will consist of five individuals nominated by the UAW and five individuals designated by the university. Meetings are held once during the academic term (autumn, winter, spring) at mutually agreed and, if necessary, ad hoc times. . .