Vatican Agreement With Country

Further complicating the situation, some analysts believe that the agreement on the selection of bishops could pave the way for formal diplomatic relations between the Vatican and the People`s Republic of China. Currently, the Vatican recognizes the government of the Republic of China in Taiwan and gives Taipei its solitary diplomatic allies in Europe. The issue of the appointment of bishops has long been a stumbling block for official diplomatic relations between Beijing and the Holy See. Many believe this will ultimately lead to diplomatic relations with Beijing, meaning the Vatican should dissolve relations with Taiwan. In Colombia, a crisis erupted between the state and the Church in 1994, when Attorney General Gustavo de Greiff accused several bishops of illegal contacts with FARC guerrillas. It turned out that, in the form of the Colombian concordat with the Holy See, members of the clergy could only be examined by ecclesiastical courts governed by canon law, and that bishops were therefore immune from the investigations of the civil authorities into what many in Colombia considered a serious crime. The 1929 Laterian Treaty and the establishment of the Vatican City State were not followed by a major increase in the number of states with which the Holy See had official relations. This happened later, especially after the Second World War. The Vatican newspaper reported that the popes had sought deeper relations with China before Francis and that work on the current agreement had begun under his predecessor Benedict XVI. At the beginning of negotiations on the agreement, hackers, suspected by cybersecurity experts, of working for the Chinese state, appeared to have infiltrated the Vatican`s computer networks. Irrespective of this, the Vatican continued the talks and preferred, in its statement, to highlight the meetings between high-ranking Vatican diplomats and their Chinese counterparts. If the political will exists, these privileges can be extended by national legislation. In 1992, the tax exemption granted to the Church by the Italian Concordat was interpreted by a law that allows the Catholic Church not to pay 90% of the debts it owes to the State for its commercial activities.

[13] Thus, a small sanctuary between the walls of a cinema, a resort, a store, a restaurant or a hotel is sufficient to grant a religious exception. [14] In June 2007, EU Competition Commissioner Neelie Kroes announced an investigation.