Wet Lease Agreements

In order to ensure the best organization for your business and operational needs, it is important to choose a supplier with transparent conditions and proven expertise in the legal complexity of leases. Aircraft rentals, aircraft leases, aircraft rental types and options, aircraft maintenance reserves As part of an operating lease, the airline leases an aircraft for a specified period of time. Operating leases preserve an airline`s liquidity. Operating leases are often used by new airlines that do not have the capital to purchase aircraft or financial history to ensure favourable credit terms. An operational lease can take between three and ten years (although leases for large aircraft may be longer). The cost of an operational lease is the sum of three factors: the EESC accepts the Commission`s explanatory statement amending Regulation (EC) 1008/2008 to allow unrestricted leasing-financing agreements on a reciprocal basis between EU and US air carriers on international flights under the ATA. However, the proposed new language should not allow – either within the framework of the ATA or under a future air transport agreement with a third country – a long-term wet leasing regime for reasons other than those mentioned in Article 13 of the Regulation. The EESC agrees that the ATA proposal provides a more flexible regulation for water leasing for periods generally up to 36 months. Such rules would have no impact on social conditions. However, the EESC would be very concerned that the proposed change in wet leasing restrictions was being used to secure longer-term subcontracting agreements to reduce working conditions or consumer conditions/rights. We therefore call on the Commission to include language prohibiting such practices when the terms of the draft leasing agreement between the EU and the US are concluded. The proposal should not be interpreted as a means of leasing aircraft by airlines capable of circumventing long-term national social rules, either intentionally or inadvertently. Aircraft leasing is a lease of airlines and other aircraft operators.

Airlines lease aircraft from other airlines or leasing companies for two main reasons: operating aircraft without financial charges and allowing temporary capacity increases. The sector has two main types of leasing: wet leasing, which is normally used for short-term leasing, and dry leasing, which is more normal for longer-term leases. The industry also uses wet and dry suits. For example, if the aircraft is leased in the water to establish new services, airline cabin crew or cabin crew may switch to a dry lease.