illumination prospectives

Flos · 2008-today

continuous collaboration.

We work shoulder to shoulder with Flos offering our knowledge in the illumination sector. We apply our know-how and vision of a market undergoing constant change to keep up to speed with new technologies, trends and uses. Our contributions and ideas have helped the development of original new architectural illumination products. We have developed concepts and input which have turned into real products that have seen the light and revolutionized the sector.


Creative support.

Conceptual design.

Design Thinking.

Market vision.

“in the first three years of collaboration we won five awards with over 40,000 products being sold”

But we have not rested on our laurels. We remain attentive to every change, advance and new proposal, always thinking about how it ca be applied to Flos’s catalogue in order to continue creating better products.

the LED age.

When in 2003 we opted for an innovative system like LED technology, we knew that time would prove us right. Our Findme light, the first created since its genesis thinking about this technology, represents the essence and elegance of the object.