exhibition strategy

Porcelanosa Group – L’Antic Colonial · 2014-2015

natural wood & stone.


A more modern and accessible way of showing products, in a space with different areas that emphasizes the product. A reproducible idea in other shops strengthens the brand’s value.


Design management.

Brand Strategy.

Interior design.

“a new wave in the brand’s showrooms.”

the analysis.

We performed an exhaustive study about the way in which L’Antic Colonial’s products are displayed in Porcelanosa’s shops and spaces and detected some deficiencies and problems.

the process.

We opted for clear modular spaces facilitating the integration between customers and products. We came up with a document in which we developed the keys for presenting the product in each space and the ability to replicate it in any of the brand’s stores around the world.

the solution.

Six common reproducible elements applicable in any store to boost the brand’s value with homogeneous aesthetics and functionality: the table, the cupboard, the island, the gateway, the art gallery and the floor. In this way, the brand concept is maintained.

“we created a document to extrapolate the design guidelines for any of the brand’s new stores.”