creative direction

Stratta · 2013-2015

the brand's glue.


The delicate balance between strategy and the design of the brand concept. Acting across all disciplines, we see the applied result across all formats, elements and medium: web, catalogues, photos, product, text…


Label definition.


Texts management.

“soft as a cloud, durable as adamantium”

the brand speaks for itself.

We love short direct entertaining videos that help to show and explain our products and their features. We communicate through simple direct language to transmit our closeness while leaving excessive rigour and seriousness to one side.

giving form to the brand's personality.

How do we express ourselves? Which type of language should we employ? We worked hard and focussed on finding the correct tone to communicate with the users. We tried to transmit our values and the meaning of our work in a simple clear honest way. We are young and like straight talking. Also, we tried to escape from a rigid formal style. We have one of the best jobs in the world, enjoyable, inspirational and fantastic, so the language used to express this had to reflect it.