honest, simple, durable: my style, my work.

we are committed to innovative techniques and processes, with the firm commitment to continue improving and learning. We love all things modern, pleasant proportions, aesthetics, elegance, products that evoke sensations and we are guided by tradition.

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know more about jorge herrera studio.

insight video.

know more about jorge herrera studio.

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2012 · Flos


2012 · Flos


2013 · Flos


2013 · Flos

find me

2013 · Flos


2014 · Stratta


2015 · Interiors from Spain

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2015 · ICEX

Life Work exh.

· Red Dot Award: Product Design 2012, with luminaire “Apps” designed for Flos.

· Good Design Award 2012, with luminaire “Apps” designed for Flos.

· Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013, with “G-O IN” designed for Flos.

· Red Dot Award: Product Design 2013, with “Find Me” designed for Flos.

· IDEA International Design Excellence Awards 2013, with “Apps” designed for Flos.· Good Design Award 2014, with modular system “Strips” designed for Stratta.

· Designer of the month 2015, Interiors from Spain.

· Metropolis Likes Award 2015, with the design of the exhibition “Live Work Spanish style” featured at NeoCon for ICEX.


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Since the beginning of his career, the designer Jorge Herrera always aimed to create objects and spaces that are simple and essential, top qualitative and long term lasting in terms of use, production and design.

After years of global and multidisciplinary training, Jorge Herrera decided to further deepen in all areas for both the creative and technical process in design. In the 2008 he opened his studio with a strong sense for simple processes, detail and passion.

Since then, the studio worked engaging in numerous projects in close collaboration with many international companies and major brands, such Flos, Porcelanosa, Miyazaki Chair Factory, Forma 5, L´ac,  Cridea, Nadis, It also has been involved as art director and curator for many exhibitions and fairs installations around the world. 

Today Jorge Herrera’s approach to design is characterized by a clear pursuit of a balance between simplicity, functionality and beauty: the pillar of his style and the focus of his work. 

Jorge Herrera is also guest lecturer at the European Institute of Design (I.E.D) of Madrid, at the Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia (CEU), and Art School and Design of Valencia (EASD) where he conducts workshops on a regular basis. He won many international awards like Red Dot award, Good Design award and Idea award.


for graphic material or higher resolutions directly contact at studio@jorgeherrera.es or with Maria Chiara from our press office sayhitomc@gmail.com