Collaborative Agreement Crna

Please note that these are only examples. Documenting a collaborative relationship between a CRNA and a physician could take other forms. The crucial point is that the nurse`s anesthesiologist has the legal responsibility to document the collaboration with a doctor. The cooperating physician: It is important to note that if a Wisconsin practices CRNA independently and without supervision or instruction, a collaborative relationship with a physician is required (see N 8.10). A dentist or pedicator cannot meet this collaborative requirement, even if the anesthesia is for dental or podiatric care. The collaborative relationship can be with any doctor and does not need to be with an anesthesiologist. That is, it could be with a family doctor or a surgeon, for example. With regard to the certificates of admission of the cooperating physician, N 8 does not have a specific definition of “physician”. Associated and control status in the Wisconsin Nursing Practice Act, see 441.16 regarding PPNAs, uses the term “physician” in (6) with respect to delegated medical acts.

Neither this subsection nor the Nursing Practice Act Chapter 441 Wisconsin Statutes have a definition of “physician.” The standard definition of `doctor`, if none is indicated, is given in point 990.01 (28). He or she speaks with the person “who holds a licence or registration certificate from the medical examination committee.” Therefore, this could be interpreted by the Board of Nursing or a judge to mean that the doctor must be licensed in Wisconsin. The same rule N 8 requires that the collaborative relationship be documented. Documentation can be done in different ways. For example, an anesthesiologist and a nurse`s doctor could both sign a simple joint statement. A copy of such an agreement is attached to this memo. The hospital where the anaesthetist takes care of the nurse could include a provision for cooperation in its statutes. A copy of this approach is also attached. The nurse`s anesthesiologist was able to document the collaboration with the physician for the preoperative evaluation of the anesthesia. A copy of this approach is also attached. We, the signatories, agree with the terms of this agreement of common practice. This agreement only applies as long as the CRNA and the cooperating doctor accept the cooperation.

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