Municipal Encroachment Agreement

Intervention agreements range from $400 to $2,000 or more, and may also require annual fees depending on the type of intervention. If your application is approved, you will receive a digital copy of the confectioner`s agreement for your verification and execution. Intervention agreements must be transferred to the new owner when the property is sold. The staff is also empowered to ask the owner to register the field intervention agreement. E. The value of the proposed improvements will not affect a policy decision to stop the intervention, nor will it prevent or hinder the establishment or improvement of roads or pedestrian lanes. [Ord. 1167 No 2, 2003.] Examples of interventions that are not taken into account: A. The proposed intervention is compatible with the environment and will not significantly improve or affect the public visual or physical enjoyment of the street image on which the intervention is proposed. Interventions submitted to this chapter are also submitted to Chapter 17.16 SMC (interventions on public roads and property).

Fally interventions in this chapter include, among others, fences, walls, grid work, garages, runways, ramps, buildings, buildings, works of any kind or other use or improvement, including landscaping that requires public land, facilities and/or road rights for three years or more. Areas subject to this audit and such collusion are not limited to public road spaces, facilities, space, park, place, ground or other public property, whether this public good is put in place or otherwise improved. Other interventions (including, but not limited to sewers, electricity and garbage cans) are subject to Chapter 17.16 CMS (interventions on public roads and property). [Ord. 1167 No 2, 2003.] F. To verify the use of permanent and/or semi-permanent land use; Either the owner of the property, or the tenant or the occupier can apply for an intervention contract; However, the contract must be signed by the owner of the property. You must keep a lawyer to conclude the registration agreement. The condition of an intervention agreement can be identified: the city council is not required to take further action on an intervention agreement if the Community Development Director or planning committee has recommended approval. An interested party can request consideration by the city council by submitting a written application to the city`s author within 10 days after the director of the municipality`s development or planning commission has submitted its recommendations to the city council.

[Ord. 1167 No 2, 2003.] City Council may approve, amend or reject the recommendation of the Director of Community Development or the Planning Commission.