Anybody Who Wants A House In Cuba Enters Into A 75-Year-Lease Agreement

A complaint filed in 2012 claimed that a 75-year-old woman had moved to Camaguey two years earlier and that a relative had withdrawn her SSI money from a bank account and sent it to her. Social Security suspended payments, but not before nearly $16,000 was deposited into his account. Hello, we live in Buho, near Tagaytay, in an apartment. Our rent is 3,500 a month. We have been here two years, never lagging behind on rent or utilities. Our owner told us two months ago that we had to get out because he needs his place. We`ve been here two months. We couldn`t find a suitable place to move. I went today to pay the rent, or discuss an agreement to extend another month or even half a month. Our landlord won`t answer his door. We know he`s angry. I see in your information here that we are entitled to three months` notice in this case.

It`s true? We`re in Buho, Silang, Cavite. Our course our owner has more train with the local barangay than us. What are our rights? Thank you, Eric King Hi, I need your advice regarding our rental status. We`ve been renting the house for almost two years. We discovered that the house is not a marital property of the couple who rents the house – it is the woman who inherited it from her parents. We were a good payer, but we noticed that whenever there is a problem with the property or something needs to be repaired/repaired, the man does nothing unless it is said by his wife. Not long ago, the man and I had a verbal fight. It was after 9am when I knocked on their door to report that the sink was broken (the same one they repaired a few months ago). I asked if there was anyone who could fix it (because I don`t know anyone in the village). He said: “THE OWNER IS STILL ASLEEP.” I told him we didn`t need to wake his wife, but I just needed someone to help us with the sink (my husband was at work). He did not give in to my request. I told her that since she`s sleeping and he can`t decide like her husband, I`m just going to find my way to get the sink fixed and deduct it from the rent.

He got angry and said we couldn`t make up our own minds because the owner is sleeping. I stopped there. A month later, it`s time to earn rent. He (the husband) sent someone to collect the rent. I asked for a receipt. the husband made a letter with his signature on them collecting rent. I was angry and I said I thought it was repeating to my face over and over again that it is NOT THE owner if we have problems with the sink. Now that it`s time to accumulate the rent, he suddenly becomes the owner. Is that legal? Can the man really collect his wife`s apartment? If so, what if the husband initially claimed that he was not the owner? Please advise, I really need help! Thank you very much and more strength! Hello, I would like to ask our tenant rights because the administrator of the unit we rent we blasphemy.