Virginia Rental Property Lease Agreement

D. If the tenant is the victim of family abuse within the meaning of p. 16.1-228, which took place in the dwelling unit or on the site, and the offender is excluded from the dwelling unit on the basis of the information provided by the tenant to the lessor, or in order of protection of a competent court in accordance with the provisions of item 16.1-253.1 or 16.1-279.1 or paragraph. B 20-103, the tenancy agreement is not terminated solely because of family abuse against the tenant. However, these provisions do not apply where (i) the tenant does not provide written documents confirming the status of a victim of domestic abuse and the exclusion of the offender`s dwelling unit no later than 21 days after the alleged offence, or (ii) that the offender returns to the dwelling unit or premises in violation of a cash communication. , and the tenant fails to immediately inform the landlord within 24 hours that the offender has returned to the dwelling unit or building unless the tenant proves by being overweight that the tenant was not actually aware that the offender had violated the bar advertisement or that the tenant was unable to inform the landlord within 24 hours. in this case, the tenant must inform the landlord immediately, but no more than seven days. If the provisions of this subsection are not applicable, the tenant remains the tenant for the actions of other licensed roommates, occupants or guests in accordance with the section. 55.1-1227 and is subject to the termination of the lease in accordance with the lease agreement and this chapter. A.

If the owner of a dwelling unit has actually divided, That the unit was previously used in the manufacture of methamphetamine and was not cleaned in accordance with the guidelines of page 32.1-11.7 and the applicable licensing provisions of Chapter 11 (Article 54.1-1100 and following) of Title 54.1, the lessor must provide a potential tenant with written information containing this information. This disclosure is made before the execution of a tenancy agreement written by the tenant or, in the case of an oral tenancy agreement, before the tenant has occupied. E. The obligations of the victim as a tenant according to . 55.1-1227 remain until the termination comes into force in accordance with paragraphs .B. All tenants of the rental agreement with the victim remain responsible for the rent of the balance of the tenancy agreement.