neocon live work exhibition

ICEX · 2015


Metropolis likes.

live work spanish style.

The restricted ICEX-METRÓPOLIS contest posed the challenge of representing a Spanish office concept in just 40 m2.

Our proposal took into account the architectural particularities and the Spanish way of working, where the way of starting up and doing business has changed, so working areas should not remain stuck in the past.

We came up with an area divided into parts: an informal meeting room where you take morning coffee; a client waiting room where they can read or get on with their work; a multifunctional space for meetings, conferences and presentations, and of course a working area that incites the exchange of ideas and team synergy.


Interior design.

Product commision

Building management.

“…we believe in a more practical and agreeable concept for working areas.”

metropolis likes awards

A project that filled us with pride after receiving the Metropolis Award from the editors Susan S. Szenasy and Paul Makovsky from Metropolis and John Copobianco from Interior Architects IA.