Miyazaki · 2017

more than just design.

Since the outset of this project there has been a constant desire to transmit true feelings in the design through details and the very essence of the object thus making it unique.

This search for sensitivity is what has made the Golondrina a balance, a dialogue between the solid wood structure and the “cocoon” upholstered shell, generating a friendly dynamic twist of shape and proportion.

Why Cocoon? We have opted for this type of design because it gives a greater sense of comfort and privacy in use, it is like being in your own nest.

Why the wooden structure? Knowing Miyazaki’s unique way of working with wood, I knew we had to express it very well, taking it to the limit, while at the same time keeping it simple and beautiful.

In Golondrina one finds tradition and modernity in a single object, on the one hand the solid wood structure, on the other the cocoon and the fully upholstered fibre shell.


Product design.

Product development.

making of.

this is more than just design alone, talking about Golondrina is talking about a four year cultural and human journey

Searching for the wood’s expressiveness, the sensitivity and suggestiveness of its shape and sections and the way it interacts with the shell.

The cocoon is like a nest ravelled in the branches of a tree. Hanging in between.