final product communication

Flos · 2013-2016

better photos, better understanding of the product.


Flos Architectural has counted on us for the art direction of product photographs for its Collection, Working and News catalogues. We look for the best perspective so they are comprehensible at a glance.

We use our technical knowledge of Flos’s product portfolio and its novelties to get the most out of product shots year after year. Also we work for the marketing department to meet its photographic retouching needs, along with the art direction of photographs in situ.


Art direction in photograpy.

Photo Edition.


Photographers: Ángel Rosique, Eugeni Pons, Javier Ferrer, Piero Fasanotto, Rubén P. Bescós.

working pictures.

f80 (2015).

Johnny 120 2L (2016).

Light Shooter (2014).