Third Party Property Management Agreement

DISCLAIMER: This is only a standard agreement and may not be used in all situations. The use of this agreement does not constitute legal advice, imply or create an attorney-client relationship. a. ASATR takes care of renting short-term holiday rental properties and the owner owns certain real estate suitable for renting as a short-term rental and/or holiday object. The compensation granted by the owner varies according to each agreement and ranges from scope to limit. A lawyer can discuss the range of options available and help you consider the appropriate amount of compensation for your special agreement. D. The performance and provision of this Agreement by the Party and the conclusion of the proposed transactions shall not be contrary to the provisions of its organizational documents, the agreements or instruments to which it is related or its characteristics, or to the laws, rules, regulations, injunctions or decrees to which they are subject or to their characteristics. In this provision, the manager undertakes to ensure that the property complies with all local laws. Depending on the nature and use of the property – for example, a production site – violations of the law can lead to considerable fines and fines (for example. B for waste disposal). The manager should understand his obligations here and, if possible, limit his liability. If the manager`s employees do NOT spend all their time with the property concerned, you should break or limit this to a budget.

I. Personnel. The Manager has the exclusive right and authority to select, recruit, pay, supervise, direct and dismiss all personnel necessary or desirable for the operation and maintenance of the property. The Director must purchase workers` compensation insurance and other insurance coverages for these employees, all of which are prescribed by law, who pay and submit taxes and payroll returns, and comply with all federal, state and local laws, rules and regulations regarding employees. All persons employed in the operation and maintenance of the property, with the exception of persons specifically recruited by the owner as his employees, are members of the manager`s staff. The manager may not enter into any contract or other agreement that induces or claims to be an employee or contractor independent of the owner. b. ASATR and the owner have agreed that ASATR will provide the owner with certain property management services under the conditions set out herein. A. Ownership Information.

The Owner will provide the Manager with all outstanding leases, contracts, obligations, correspondence, bank records relating to all accounts for which the Manager is responsible (including the Operating Account) and other documents relating to the operation, management and maintenance of the Property. The manager is responsible for advertising the units, checking the creditworthiness of tenants and the ability to pay the monthly rent. The manager is responsible for obtaining lease, renewal and termination contracts; and to take all necessary legal measures to recover unpaid rents or rental costs related to damage to the property or its furniture.. . . .