Ridgid Limited Lifetime Service Agreement

One more thing. Ridgid couldn`t be worse from a customer service perspective. The woman I spoke to was belligerent and rude and immediately assumed I was a crook to get her company. I immediately asked his manager, I had more stone walls and incivility, then I put down the phone and called The Home Depot`s after-sales service to ask the manager again. I let them know what a loyal customer I am and how betrayed I felt because I was taken like that. First by a salesman who lied to me and told me, then when I really tried to put it behind his lifetime warranty. Don`t believe in the lifetime warranty. I bought a 12V rigid kit a few years ago, the hook was a lifetime warranty that contained the batteries. It looks good, so I bought.

At that time, to register the warranty, you had to fill out a form and send it to Rigid with your purchase receipt (original). They put it in their database. That`s what I did. A few years later, a battery died – so I asked for the warranty exchange only to find out they didn`t know anything about me. How is that possible???? It appears that Rigid has implemented a new warranty registration system, but has not moved the old records into the new system. I asked what could be done – the answer was to send my 7 year old sales receipt, the one they sent me for the first time at check-in. Without this receipt, they were really sorry, but no guarantee. Who saves supporting documents for 7 years? I will never buy a stiffness tool again — they saved the price of a battery and lost a lot more business. Recently, I had to repair my compressor. They went to The Home Depot, but it took them three or four days to analyze the problem. Then I went to the Ridgit repair site for a www.ridgid.com/us/en/service-centers-repair repair source.

The first two proposals came from business. Sent a request to Ridgit regarding the service, received a response by e-mail, see below. Why play games with registration? Either the tool is guaranteed or not and it`s a “lifetime” warranty, so why do they take care of it if you bought it or need this documentation? If there is a valid serial number, it should be covered at the end of the story. It`s as simple as that. If you have a lifetime warranty and your business only sells to The Home Depot and you have HD recordings of your purchase, you should back up every tool that comes in, regardless of recording cards or other nonsense. Either you are behind the tool or you are not standing. Ridgid has, frankly, a track record of raising obstacles and flaws for recording instead of making things easier. The fact is that they prefer to make your registration much more difficult or better, making it impossible for you to register. Anything that prevents them from actually being at the origin of a claim that they do not seem able to satisfy.

I totally agree!! Had the same problems with the check-in process as well as their after-sales service agents who just tried to find a spare part! To me, spare parts are almost every piece of a tool, but by today`s standards, most parts are not usable. The definition of a “service part” is therefore, I am sure, open to interpretation. Lifetime warranties are correct and could be a deciding factor if you try to choose between 2 tools that you thought were quite high in terms of quality, functionality, price, etc. .