Nys Csea Agreement

Descriptions of bargaining units within the University:Employees of the New York Executive Branch are attached to a bargaining unit or called managers/confidentials. Below is a brief description of the management/confidential group and each of the bargaining units at the university with a link to the current bargain agreement. In addition to trying to maintain or increase the current benefits in the contract, the team raised a number of specific issues that it felt should be addressed if the parties reached a comprehensive agreement. Examples include disciplinary procedures, dismissals and seniority. (June 25, 2008) The members of the CSEA in a ratio of 25 to 1 ratified by an overwhelming majority an interim agreement with the unified system. Members approved the agreement by 2,876 to 114. The CSEA made a dramatic offer on Thursday last week to speed up negotiations on a new contract. We have proposed to management a proposal for a “comprehensive package” that would resolve all outstanding issues and lead to agreement on the whole treaty. We have tried to protect the salaries and benefits of our members (a difficult task in the current budgetary climate) and we have accepted some proposals from management to meet their needs.

You need your CSEA id number to access the survey. You can search for your CSEA ID number on the CSEA homepage, www.cseany.org. It goes without saying that the CSEA negotiating team sees a long and hard blow in the negotiations until we reach a point where we reach an agreement with UCS on a new treaty. The CSEA team does not intend to reach an agreement that will reduce the benefits of our members. The CSEA has reached a preliminary agreement with the New York State Office of Court Administration for a new contract for more than 5,500 non-judicial officers in the state`s unified court system. The interim agreement will take effect retroactively from April 1, 2017 to March 31, 2020. The Public Service Employees Union (CSEA) and the Union of Public Employees (PEF) have agreed with the Governor`s Office of Labour Relations to extend the temporary emergency agreement a third time, so that public servants can apply for home work agreements until January 1. We will probably see each other again in the third week of June. We hope to make progress, also in light of the employer`s apparent disinterest in an agreement. The CSEA is deeply disappointed by the persistent pattern of BKS delay in negotiations on a new contract. The old contract expired on 31 March and the CSEA strongly insisted that an agreement be reached only to be pinched by management.

The three-year agreement, retroactive to April 1, 2017, provides for annual salary increases of the agreement, improved wages in the mid-Hudson Valley, improved payments to the Employment Fund and a new solidarity fund program. The CSEA and unified Court System have entered into a fair and responsible agreement that recognizes the value and importance of the judicial staff that operate the system every day. The CSEA and UCS have tentatively agreed on a new contract for 2007-2011. The agreement includes increases in compensation, royalties and other benefits.