Venmo User Agreement

[11] See Justin Pritchard, Venmo Scams: Can You Get Ripped Off on Venmo?, The Balance (July 5, 2016), (“[T]he person might use a stolen, credit card number to fund the payment . .”). (i) this agreement; (ii) the map; (iii) your purchase of the card; (iv) your use of the card; v) the amount of funds available in the Venmo account; (vi) announcements, promotions or oral or written statements relating to the card, as well as goods or services purchased on the card; (vii) card-related co-benefits and services; or (viii) Transactions on the card, regardless of description, pleading or style, must be resolved by the American Arbitration Association`s (AAA) mandatory individual arbitration in accordance with its consumer arbitration rules. If this section is somehow in conflict with the “Litigation with the Business” section of Venmo`s user agreement, this section will be controlled against each claim. This arbitration agreement is concluded on the basis of a transaction with intergovernmental exchanges and is subject to the Federal Arbitration Act (9 U.S.C 1-16). For users with an approved Venmo professional profile, please note that you should not associate a Debit Venmo card with a business profile and that your profile funds cannot be used as a source of financing for Venmo Mastercard transactions. We do not claim ownership of the content you provide, download, transmit or do not send. If you provide us with content or publish content with Venmo services, you grant us, our affiliates and our users (including the parties we work with) a non-exclusive, permanent, irrevocable, free, fully paid, transferable, sub-conceded and licensed worldwide, duplicate, copy, post, publish, upload, distribute, distribute, edit, create, delete, post, transfer, transmit and otherwise use your associated intellectual property and advertising content and rights to help us improve, operate, promote, promote and market our current services and develop new forms, in all forms, media and technologies that are now known. We will not compensate you for your content. You need to resolve any issues with your account before a restriction can be lifted. Normally, this happens after you have provided the information we have requested. However, if we reasonably believe that there is still a risk after the information on our part, we can take steps to protect ourselves, our users, a third party or you from cancellations, fees, fines, penalties, legal and/or regulatory risks and other liabilities.