The Strike Was Owing To A Last Minute Agreement With The Management

1. Silence______ the theatre, while the audience eagerly and eagerly awaited the opening curtain. The real relaxation is certainly not a matter of dropping in front of the TV with a welcome drink. Nor is it a matter of making an exhausted sleep (1) – Although these reactions to tension and fatigue are useful (2) – we must distinguish between conscious relaxation in (3) – quality and effect. (4) – the degree of fatigue, true relaxation is a state of alertness, but at the same time a passive consciousness in which our body rests (5) – while our mind is awake. Also, it is so obvious to a healthy person that they relax and rest while moving. (6) Relaxed in action means that we bring the proper energy into everything we do to have a healthy feeling of fatigue at the end of the day, (7) – as one of the exhaustions. Unfortunately, through life in today`s competitive world, we are constantly under pressure and we have trouble promoting our body`s abilities. What needs to be rediscovered is conscious relaxation. With (9) – at the back of the head, we must prepare ourselves to understand the stress and nature of its causes (10) – deeply seated. 1.

2. 3 4.5 III. Read the next place and choose the best answer (A, B, C or D) to each question. Write your answer in the numbered field. (2, 0 points) Complete each sentence with the correct one-word form of two-word verbs. The search for craftsmen and women capable of doing expensive restoration work was national. After determining the quality and competencies of the person or company, they had to pass an economic test, as each workstation was competitively tendered. This has had enormous advantages, not only because a number of highly skilled people are in the foreground – wood carvers, for example, who walk in the footsteps of Grinling Gibbons – but many of them, such as plasters, have re-appreciated the capabilities of the 17th and 18th centuries, which can now be useful to other owners of country houses when the need develops. 1. While I was driving, I realized that something was wrong with the car.

On the afternoon of August 30, 1989, a fire broke out in the Uppark, a large 18th century house in Sussex. For a year, the builders had replaced the rooftop tour and faced a farce of irony the next day, August 31. Within 15 minutes of the alarm, firefighters had arrived at the scene, although there was nothing to survive from the priceless collection on the first floor, except for an oil painting of a dog that upset firefighters when they finally withdrew from the fire. But thanks to the courage and quick action of the former owners, the Meade-Featherstonhaugh family, and the collaborators, stewards and visitors of the house who formed human chains to bring the precious pieces of porcelain, furniture and paintings to the lawn, 95 percent of the contents were saved from the ground floor and basement.