IFFT 2017 Interior Lifestyle Living

When we met Mr. Masahiro and discovered his characteristic way of working, handling and expressing himself through wood, we immediately knew it was the ideal company to produce Golondrina.

This is more than just design alone, talking about Golondrina is talking about a four year cultural and human journey throughout which we took advantage of any place to advance the project, be it Valencia, Milan, Tokyo or Tokushima. Talking about Golondrina is talking about the success of personal relationships, the understanding, the patience and the professionalism between people separated by thousands of kilometres.

From November 20th to 22th we travel to Tokyo to introduce the result of one of our more exciting collaborations. You will find us at Miyazaki Chair Factory both on the IFFT 2017 – “Interior Lifestyle Living” – West hall 4, K31.